Saturday, 10 February 2007

55 Muffins!

Yes! you read it correctly...using the second last day of my holidays in a semi-productive manner...
12 cheese and Vegemite
18 date and walnut
15 fruit and yogurt
10 banana

That's a lot of muffins...and now they are all neatly packaged in my freezer ready to be consumed!
It all started out as me wanting to use some over-ripe bananas and then finding I had a few tubs of yogurt that was about to expire tomorrow! Using the power of Google I found a couple of recipes using stuff I already had in the cupboard...although I did need to go buy some muffin cases...I ran out when making the cheese and Vegemite ones for breakfast!
Steve and I rode our bikes to Semaphore to get some. Then we cycled home along the esplanade bike path...not the quickest way home, but a very nice ride and some well needed exercise for me!
Dinner tonight was another experiment...chickpea and lentil burgers (again trying to use stuff up in the pantry - in this case a can of chickpeas) the recipe was one that Rene gave me ages ago at work.
They were good, although a little soft. The second batch turned out better after I decided to dip them in flour before i pan fried them! My doh! moment was when i re-read the recipe and it said to do that!
must be all cooked out today now!
Take care of you

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