Sunday, 13 April 2008


I've been fortunate in the last few weeks to receive a couple of parcels in the post!
I love getting mail!

The first one was part of Lightening's Smiley Saturday where we had to swap something pink.
My swap partner was a lady called Lizzie who also lives here in Adelaide - we had plans to meet and perhaps we still will but here is a pic of what she sent me:
(did someone tell her I was into scrapbooking and baking???)
Thank you Lizzie your pink parcel made me smile :)
My second parcel was part of the shopping tote swap organised by the girls at down to earth - mine came from Kelly who lives in the USA - Thank you Kelly I really do feel spoilt! For those of you who haven't tried the Reece's Peanut Butter cups - you are missing out! And I'm not sharing! YUMMMMM!

Swapping is a great way to make new friends! Do try it if you get the chance!


Lightening said...

Glad your swap went well.

I'm yet to receive my bag swap from my partner but we were both delayed and I only got mine in the post to her this week.

They're lots of fun aren't they?

I'm planning another one soon. It's going to be a very simple one so I hope that'll make it easy for lots of people to get involved. :)

River said...

I love your header picture. I'm also an Adelaidean.

Lis said...

Thank Lightening for your swap it really was great fun!

River, the picture is of Pt Willunga beach if my memeory serves me correctly - if not it is Aldinga. Really quite beautiful spot. One day we might have to organise an Adelaide swap :)

baby~amore' said...

hi Lis - great swap pressies

I am a first time visitor via Lightening ...
I like the look of your blog and I will come back soon to browse your archives. I am interested in being frugal and green too.