Sunday, 12 April 2009

So much for my new years resolution to blog more!
Seems I am blogging less this year.
I'm going to start adding a few more of my favourite recipes on here to share with you all.
I've even been working with a few gluten free recipes!

My blog of the day is hanigan family recipes - loving those cute easter eggs!! YUM!


Kez said...

Hey Lis! Great to see a post from you! Hope to hear more soon :)

Lightening said...

Hi Lis. Lovely to hear from you! :) Those eggs you linked to sure do look fab!!!

Anonymous said...

Pleeease blog more!!! I miss you!


annette said...

Hi there Lis, thanks so much for stopping by and your lovely comments:0) I've been neglecting my poor old recipe blog of late, but hoping to get back to it a bit more this year, its fun making it all into a book written in your own hand. I still have recipes written in my grandmas handwriting in my book too-special, have fun playing with yours. Annette :0)