Monday, 2 January 2012


2012 is going to be an interesting year. I've chosen my word for this year to reflect some of the happenings.
- I'm going to be moving house at least once, maybe twice in the next twelve months;
- I'm going to move back to studying at  TAFE part-time (Accounting);
- I'm going to move more (i.e. exercise) at least 3 times a week
- I've already moved into 2 days per week in a different role with my current employer for 6 months;
- I've going to move (re-arrange) my routines to make more time for family & friends;

You've probably got the idea by now.
I'm going to be watching my dollars very closely this year while I move, sub-divide, sell one lot then build.
For a portion of the year I'll be paying a mortgage and rent so things will be tight, but I have allowed for rent in my new home budget. Unfortunately my current house is crumbling around me and the cost to renovate it to a comfortable standard is more than I have or am able to borrow. Hence the path I am taking means I will have a new, low maintenance house with no extra debt.
I hope it all falls into place now.
Step one has been finding a rental property that is affordable and not too far from everything that we do as a family. It seemed like a false economy to move too far away for cheaper rent but then spend more money on petrol. I'll know this week hopefully if i get the property I've put in for. In the meantime I'm packing boxes and trying to look at my budget. Thank you to Frogdancer for sharing her food budget spreadsheet with me.
Off to clean up the kitchen and then bed. Tomorrow is a busy day and more boxes will be packed!

take care of you

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