Monday, 24 March 2008

Has it really been that long?

Wow, when I finally logged in here this morning my blogger tells me that my last post was on 10th February 2008 - 6 weeks ago. So where have I been, what have I been doing...nothing special of note. Celebrated a few birthdays - mine, my dear friend Jo and my son T who turned 12 yesterday. I can still remember the day he was born. I worked full time for a week or two which really threw my life inot chaos! I also helped another friend say goodbye to a very special Lady in her life. She puts it way more eloquently than I ever
Apart from these things I have basically been living my life, doing things with my family and friends and remembering what is really important to me. Along the way I have still been trying to be frugal and mindful of what resources I am consuming.
I've still been reading all my favourite blogs, but I think I most likely need to update my blog roll a little...anyone want me to add them?
Thank you to those who noticed my absence and left me messages to ask me if I was okay. I appreciate that you all care.
I have some great new recipes to share and I'll try to do that in the next few weeks, unless my life gets all crazy again!
Hoping you all had a safe and Happy Easter. Take care of you all :)


Kez said...

Glad all is well! I'm glad you've been busy living your life :)

Happy belated b'day to you for whenever it was and your son for yesterday.

Katrina said...

I got tagged and now I have to pass it along and I hope you don't mind but I dobbed you in
It's for the food porn meme and you can look at it through my site

Lis said...

Thanks Kez, I share my birthday with International Womens' Day :)
Thanks for your good wishes!

Katrina :) I'm sure I'll come up with some imaginative answers and then see who I too can pass it on to :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back and that nothing was wrong.I hope you had a great birthday.

Busy Woman said...

Hey there, glad you are back !