Saturday, 23 June 2007


Today was quite productive. I made a batch of yummy Bacon, Cheese and Zucchini muffins; these are to take to a shared lunch tomorrow. Then I deciced while the oven was on to make a couple of banana cakes (also to use up some "has been" bananas and the cheap ones I had picked up, while out shopping this morning).
The\muffins are already in the freezer but I remembered to photgraph the cakes before they were indivually wrapped (in waxed paper) and frozen (ready to go straight into lunchboxes).

Not sure I have mentioned before either that my son has behavioural problems, caused by many of the food additives that we find in most packaged goods today. Sue Dengate is an inspiration to me. I have two of her books and by removing all the additives, preservatives and colourings (most of the numbers on packaged foods) from my sons "diet" ...I have just an average boy, that I love to bits :)
take care of you.


rhonda jean said...

Your son has a great mum. I'm really pleased the non-processed food is helping him. I too have a real aversion to preservatives and colourings they put in some foods. I am not allergic to them but I figure if they are able to preserve food as they do and stop colour changing, what on earth would it do to our organs and tissues if we eat that food. Ugh.

BTW, your banana cakes look delicious.

Lisa said...

Thanks for visiting Rhonda and for you lovely comments :)
If I get time later in the week I will try and post the recipe!

Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Lisa, My second duaghter also has sever reactions to many additives in processed foods and Sue Dengate's book "Fed Up" was in fact the catalyst for my journey towards sustainable living! I couldn't believe the difference it made to our lives by eliminating these artificial additives - I'm sure you can relate :-) And I agree with Rhonda, your cakes look yum! Cheers, Julie.