Monday, 25 June 2007

Home Front

Four Corners - Home Front - Jonathan Holmes explores practical ways for energy-guzzling Australians to cut their power consumption.

Four Corners has always been in my opinion one of the newsmakers....I wonder what impact this story will have on the average Australian or on our Government policies. Will people start listening, will they look at he energy efficiency of their new flat-screen TV before they purchase it? It needs to be driven by government to make it work, the Californian model was very interesting to see.
Just one quote:
"JONATHAN HOLMES: It's hard to avoid the conclusion that on policing the MEPS system, as in so many other areas of greenhouse policy, the Federal Government reacts - to industry, or media, or public pressure - rather than setting a pro-active policy."

Okay, now that I have that off my chest...what did I get up to today? I cooked, cleaned and washed and even shock horror ironed!! In case you didn't know, I hate ironing. It is one of my least favourite chores. I try to avoid buying clothes that need ironing.

I also had a bit of reality check. I made a phone call to Planning SA to enquire about the costs/processes involved in sub-diving my block. A lot of it seems to be happening in my area and as it stands no-one really uses my back yard. Just the government fees on the transaction are around the $5k mark...that doesn't include your own surveyors fees or the registration fees on the change of title, plus any additions/alterations to your property required by your council + SA waters charges to re-do the plumbing for a second allotment. Looks like I won't be moving on that plan for quite a few more years. So be it.
take care of you.

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