Monday, 2 July 2007


My weekend was fairly busy and at least part of it involved lessening my footprint on this earth. I worked on Saturday so that was mostly unproductive as far as household chores go. Saturday night was a "soup & scrap" at my friend Mandy's house. I am working on a baby album for one of my friends who is having a baby. (seems there are 3 friends now who are all due before Christmas - guess i will be working on a few more albums!).
Sunday i caught up on all the washing, I worked full time last week (due to sick workmates) so everything go ta bit out of hand. By last night I had brought in 4 loads of washing and had it all folded in front of the heater.

Managed to score some free timber for kindling, from the shop we got our mattress from, although we are not using the slow combustion heater as much this year it is still nice to light it when I get free wood. We also went to the local Bunnings to price some timber to re-do my bench tops. Since I will be living with this kitchen for a few more years it seems the easiest/most cost effective way to replace them. We did the grocery shopping on the way home, managed to spend very little as I bought bulk chicken and steak a few weeks ago and am trying to use up what I have first.

The rest of the afternoon we spent building a compost bin/enclosure. Basically a wooden box shaped frame with an open front. The timber were the surrounds form brick pallets from the house being built next door. The sides I covered in an old piece of chicken wire that came from my Dad's shed. The back was one of the mangled sheets of colourbond from my damaged fence. All up I spend nothing but my time in constructing it.
I roped my boyfriend into helping and he supplied the screw and the staple gun, as well as an extra set of hands. Oh and for a cover on top I salvaged an old piece of carpet off someones curbside council pick up pile.

All in all I feel it was a productive day. Hope to take a picture and post later tonight!
take care of you.

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