Saturday, 20 October 2007

All the small things...

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito - Anita Roddick
It seems time has gotten away from me again and here it is two weeks without blogging! Thank you Jo for reminding me it has been a a while - I know you will be reading this :)
Life seems to be so many small things that seem to take up so much time. Sometimes I long to return to a simpler life where things passed more slowly.
Is it that we have less time or that we just try to pack too much in?
At the moment I have a few friends who are pregnant and I have been invited to two baby showers on the same day, at opposite ends of town. Fortunately the times overlap so I will be able to attend both. Common sense would have me attend only one, or none. In fact strangely I have never attended a baby shower before and now I get invited to two on the one day. Go figure?
Two of the girls having babies are people I have worked with so one of the projects a workmate and I tried was a nappy (diaper) wreath. Yes, it is basically a ring of disposable nappies(diapers) decorated with ribbons, toys and items for the baby. Unfortunately none of the girls were keen on the idea of cloth nappies (diapers), but you can make these items with the cloth versions if you know the receiver will use them!
We loved the first one so much we then made another. I still have a third gift to make so I am unsure whether to make another one or a nappy(diaper) cake. I still have a week to get my act together on that one :)

My apologies for the picture quality as they were taken with a mobile phone! Can you guess the sexes of the babies?
If you want to try this at home try this link for a diaper cake or this for the wreath.
Take care of you.


Jo Amato said...

Yah !! Lisa they look so good . well done .

Have a good weekend


Lis said...

Jo -Knew you'd stop by. Good to see you found my new post