Sunday, 28 October 2007

Orange Cordial

In my attempts to make it from scratch as well as keep my grocery prices down, today I made some orange cordial from Rhonda's recipe @ down to earth. Also interestingly today she posted about her jar collection and funnily enough my cordial is normally stored in recycled glass bottles from the tomato puree I use in cooking. They are the perfect size to ensure my DS doesn't pour too much in or pour too much on the bench! (Is it all boys that are messy?)
Having tasted both I think I might prefer the lemon cordial myself, but then I am a bit of lemon fan anyway :)
Take care of you.

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lightening said...

I've been saving those jars too!!! Thought they looked like they could be handy for something at some stage. :-)

Yeah, all boys are messy. Even my DH! But at least he does clean up after himself *most* of the time.

Now, I think I was going to ask for a recipe from you - for donuts I think. Was that you? Sorry, my memory isn't great.