Thursday, 4 October 2007

Napkin Swap

Today I received these gorgeous Napkins and a delightful watercolour from the lovely Heather who lives in the U.S. - she was my partner in the napkin swap organised by Rhonda @ Down to Earth. I felt thrilled that I received something so beautiful and well made. Thank you Heather, you really made me smile!
Take care of you.


Anonymous said...

My pleasure!! I'm looking forward to getting my package from you, too! What fun these swaps are...

Ali said...

that watercolour is lovely, did Heather paint it??

Lib said...

THe painting is Beautiful.Napkins pretty too.
THe swap was fun !!!! I enjoyed it.
Have a GReat weekend.

Lisa said...

I too enjoyed the swap and yes Heather painted it herself, a very talented lady in my opinion!