Sunday, 18 November 2007

Another Shoestring Sunday

Shoestring Sunday's are a way to review my frugal/green activities for the past week and to look forward to what I might try next week.

MAKING - still working on the apron and haven't yet made my veggie bags!

REMEMBERING - to carry my zip-up shopping bag with me at all times. It takes up a little room in my handbag, but saves me so many times from bringing home another plastic bag. Also to put my "green" bags back in my car boot (trunk) as soon as I have finished unpacking the shopping.

SAYING NO - to plastic bags at the supermarket, by a small amount of rearranging my groceries they did all fit in my "green" bags I had brought from home.

MENU PLANNING - including side dishes in order to avoid wasting food. It seems I was in the
habit of buying the same fruit and veg each week, only to have odd leftovers which sometimes went bad before they got used. (see menu plan in separate post).

INVESTIGATING - Places in Adelaide that I can buy bulk items, like flour and sugar as well as looking for suitable vermin proof storage containers (also working out where to put said storage containers). Any ideas?

PRICING/investigating - Ice-cream makers. Have been thinking about it for a while as I can never quite figure out what to do with the empty containers. I would have one a month, sometimes more in summer, but given my son's limited diet it is one of the few treats he gets to have regularly. My parents are going to purchase my chosen model for me for Christmas. YAY!
Any feedback on this would be welcomed from any Aussie readers who have one - also would anyone know if Choice magazine might have a recent article I can read at the library?

BORROWING - Magazines, Books, CDs and DVDs from the library. This week we are listening to Lily Allen and watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

COOKING - New recipes for Muffins, Greek Salad & Avocado and Orange Salad.

Thank you to Artman for my fantastic new logo :) If you want to join in shoestring Sunday please feel free to take the logo and use it on your page :)


Anonymous said...

Lots of good ideas, Lis. Thanks.

I don't own an ice cream machine but would love to. I can't really justify another appliance, but if I got one an ice cream machine would be it. Do let us know what you end up choosing.


Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Lis,

I am a Choice member but couldn't find a review of ice cream machines when I was looking for my machine recently. Pity! Can't tell you how good/bad mine is either as I can't use it until tomorrow (the bowl has to be in the freezer for at least 24 hours).

Lots of great tips though :-)

Cheers, Julie

Ali said...

I love your Shoestring Sunday posts and will definitely be a aprt of it and use Mr Linky next Sunday :)

Ali said...

and the logo is great too!!

Lis said...

Kate - I will certainly post about it :)
Julie - I look forward to hearing about yours - not sure about having the freeze the bowl for 24 hours though - being I am a working mum I need an instant one!
Ali- Glad you like my logo and Mr Linky - maybe you will be the first!

The Tin House said...

Great logo! I'm going to use it next Sunday. Umm...what the devil is Mr Linky?? Make sure you post about which ice cream maker you get. I've been thinking about one but haven't a clue where to begin.

DJ said...

I love this idea of Shoestring Sundays. Good work on the lovely blog.