Sunday, 11 November 2007

Shoestring Sunday!

Thought I might try something new and share of few of my frugal/green ideas for the coming week. Thank you to Towards Sustainability for the inpiration to do this!

- CUTTING tubes open when I think they are empty - like my toothpaste this week. It amazes me how much more you can get out of the tube, when you think you have squeezed out every last drop.

- USING wooden pegs on my clothesline - I had some old style "dolly" pegs in my craft supplies that have now made it into my peg bag.

- waffles for breakfast - Yes, I also own another "maker" that makes the most lovely buttermilk waffles - they also freeze well like the donuts (for those of you who are interested) and reheat nicely in the toaster :)
- aprons for the apron swap at Down--to--Earth
- fruit and veggie bags from some netting I have left from my daughters fairy costume days
- rice bubble slice (very similar to the commercial LCM's) will post recipe later today.

- MENU PLANNING - will also post later today

What frugal/green activities have you been trying or will you try today? Do you like the idea of us all trying to post about his each week?


Lib said...

Hi Lis,
It was good to have you visit again.:o)I'll have to try the toothpaste hint.:o)
The tea use 1-2 teaspoons, the cocoa 3-4 tablespoons, the creamer I'd start with 1 teaspoon then add as you wanted more.Hope this is helpful.Blessins', Lib

Ali said...

A great post Lis!!

the most frugal thing I've done today is when I was at the greengrocers this afternoon I asked if they had any vegie scraps that I could have for my chooks ~ I was given a HUGE box full of lettuce & cabbage leaves ~ the chooks are in "heaven" happily munching away at some of it :)

also I cooked the potato peelings for the chooks too!!

Crazy Mumma said...

Excellent idea Lis! Unfortunately nothing I have done today is frugal, LOL. We just forked out for a folding clothes line and mounted it inside the garage though, so I don't have to use my clothes dryer for sheets etc (that won't fit on my little racks) when it rains.. so theoretically that will save me money down the track (just not right now *ahem*).

Jill said...

Hm, does buying 2 blueberry plants count? Hopefully they will pay for themselves over the years! I am going to try the toothpast thing, never thought of that!

Kez said...

Don't make me buy a waffle maker too please!!!

I made some jam today out of the fruit that was quietly expiring in the fridge. Managed to get 2 loads of washing dry on the line. Didn't kill my son (saves on solicitor's fees!)

Lis said...

Lib - thank you - for the other girls who have no idea Lib has posted some recipes on her blog for some drink mixes that I will be putting in my christmas gift baskets :)
Ali- great when you can get things for free and I'm sure you'll make great use of all the fertiliser
Crazy - will post a pic of my undercover line in a post one of these days - I think it is a very useful item and very friendly to the environment
Jill - Blueberries! Yum! I'm sure they will pay for themselves :)
Kez- mine was an impulse purchase -lol- so I need to use it to justify owning it!

Great that you will all be cutting your toothpaste tubes - works well for my cleansers too :)

Lisa said...

Lis, I've made a loaf of bread using stockpile ingredients. I've harvested home grown strawberries and broccoli ready for dinner. I've made lunch using home made bread, last night's homemade chicken kiev & leftover roast vegies and home grown baby spinach leaves. I've cleaned the bathroom with bicarb and home made spray cleanser....I've hung out the modern cloth nappies and home made fleece baby wipes to dry on the line....but still thinking about how to make up my down to earth apron. I need more fabric but I'm thinking I'll try the op shop this afternoon and see if there's anything there I can use to make do. lol xx

Lis said...

Well done Lisa :) Could you try making your apron in two parts i.e. a different top and bottom - or in two halves or 4 quarters I've seen a few around like this - mainly using a plain fabric and a co-ordinating print. I bought brand new fabric for mine, but it was on sale!