Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Menu Planning Monday, or is is Tuesday?

In reality I did my menu plan on Sunday and it was quite easy as I am only here until Thursday night. On Friday morning I am flying to Melbourne with Zoe and her Mum for 4 days. Can you believe she is already 12 weeks old? I'm kind of excited but at the same time I really don't enjoy flying (I suffer really bad motion sickness), but nonetheless it will be nice to have a change of scenery.

Here is my Menu plan inspired by Lightening's restaurant style write up :

Plum marinated pork skewers served with a selection of two gourmet salads - Modern Greek salad with sun-dried tomatoes and Orange and avocado salad in a mustardy dressing.

Tuna and avocado rice paper rolls - a hands on meal - ideal for hot weather - roll your own choice of salad, avocado and tuna slices delicately marinated in sun dried tomato and basil.

Tender chicken leg portions coated in a sticky marinade and rolled in lightly toasted sesame seeds. Served with lightly fried rice and a sprinkle of egg and vegetables.

Thai inspired flavourings season juicy balls of chicken, served with a selection of seasonal vegetables.

Asian flavourings combine with crisp vegetables and chicken to make a cool and delectable chicken salad.

I think I need more practice at this! Hope you get a small laugh at least :)


lightening said...

I think it sounds divine!!!! You're too hard on yourself. :-) But it does get easier with practise (plus you can pinch past descriptions when you have the same item again LOL).

Thanks for joining in the fun!

lightening said...

P.S. I've just tagged you for the 8 things meme. See my blog for details. :-)

Cellobella said...

Wow! I want to eat at your house!

Michelle said...

Oh please can I come to dinner at your house?? I'll bring a nice white and do the dishes ;)