Sunday, 3 February 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Since I have moved my budget from weekly to fortnight, I am trying to only do one large shop each fortnight. Now I have to menu plan for a fortnight and I have to admit it is a bit tougher than I first thought. I have written it "restaurant style" as was originally started by Lightening! :)

1. Tender portions of veal, lightly crumbed in our fresh chunky style bread crumbs. Served with a lean gluten free beef sausage. Served with a selection of seasonal vegetables. (Beef schnitzel & sausages & veggies)

2. Our pizza dough is lovingly prepared from scratch, topped with a simple tomato puree and then served with a choice of the following toppings - grilled chicken, pineapple, gourmet beef sausage, ham off the bone, marinate mushrooms. Topped with our special cheese blensd and individually baked on a stone.(Gourmet homemade pizzas)

3. A portion of a whole chicken, marinated and rubbed with our secrte spice blend. Then lovingly baked slowly, to leave the chicken moist and flaouvsome. Served with baby roast vegetable and zucchini & tomato bake.(Sticky Chicken)

4.Tender minced beef simmered gently in a tomato and vegetable based sauce and served with a mixture of wholemeal and wheat pasta.(Spaghetti Bolognaise)

5. Finger sized strips of chicken, lightly crumbed in fresh breadcrumbs and pan fried. Served with cheesy potatoes baked in a creamy sauce.(Chicken Schnitzel & Potato Bake)

6. Tender thight fillets thinly sliced and sauted with a selection of seasonal vegetables, served in light asian inspired lemon sauce (Easy Lemon Chicken) recipe below

7. Lightly salted beef, lovingly cooked with brown sugar and other seasonings. Served with a creamy mash of potato and pumpkin and lightly steamed broccoli and zucchini.(Corned Beef)

8. Finely minced beef, stir fried with our specail vegetable mixture simmered in a sticky asian style sauce. (Oriental Mince) recipe below

9. Homemade beef and vegetable patties, presented in a fresh bread roll with baby spinach, tomato, avocado, cheese and beetroot relish (Gourmet Beef burgers)

10. A season selection of fish, prawns and other seafood with a side of our specail spicy home style fries. (Fisherman's Basket)

11. Tender strips of beef, marinated in our chefs specail sauce and seved on skewers with a spicy peanut sauce and fluffy basmati rice. (Beef satays with peanut sauce)

12. Tasmanian salon fillets, lightly marinated in chilli, ginger and soy all served an a bed of seasonal vegetables (Salmon steaks with veggie stir fry)

13. It's your birthday so your choice of any dish the chef is able to make :) (birthday dinner for my boyfriend)

14. Organic shaped fluffy tortillas served with delicately pan fried chicken, garlic and zucchini. Presented with a platter of seasonal salad vegetables, for a wrap your own feast for four. (chicken strips, tortillas and salad)

That should keep me busy for a few days huh?
Only really have to top up on fresh fruit and vegetables as well as supplies for the birthday dinner.
I can feel another cheesecake recipe soon :)
I'll post the recipes separately to make them easier to find later :)
I apologise for any spelling mistakes, but google doesn't want to spell check for me anymore :(
I've also joined Menu Planning Monday over at I'm and Organising Junkie - follow the link and get some more great menu ideas! :)


Maggie said...

LOL! I love the restaurant style idea :)

Lora said...

What a fun way to post your menus! They look delicious.

Mommychicky said...

Wow, you certainly have a gift for description. Can I eat at your house?

Thanks for sharing and have a great week... my menu is up here.

Sonshine said...

What funny reading your menus, it just makes everything sound sooo yummy rather than mundane.

Thanks for sharing!

jenny-up the hill said...

Oh I love the way you have posted your menu! How completely creative...I think I'll give it a whirl this coming week. I'll be sure to link back to you so you'll get the credit! Neat!

Lis said...

Thank you everyone! I hope the idea catches on - even my children have fun reading it :) You are all welcome to come over for dinner -lol- but it might be a bit far to travel for some of you :)