Sunday, 20 January 2008

Shoestring Sunday Reworked

It's been a while since I did a shoestring Sunday, but this week I finally have something important to write about.
Don't let your freezer get like this...

I'm loathe to admit that my freezer has been like this before and instead of getting the seal replaced then, I just defrosted it and started again...meaning to get it done at some point!
Right now I am enjoying 2 weeks annual leave so one of the jobs on my list was to defrost and get the seal replaced, BEFORE I turn it back on. I am also fortunate to have a friends fridge/freezer stored in my garage at the moment so I am using that space to store what was in my freezer. Tomorrow mornings job then is to find someone to replace it and at a reasonable price. Yes, it will cost me money to replace it, but at the same time it has been working very hard producing all that ice so in the long run it will save me money on my electricity bill and cut greenhouse gas emissions by replacing it.

Do you have something that you have procrastinated about that has cost you money?

As an added bonus has a great article about running an energy efficient freezer. Amy also has lots of other great articles on her site as well as some yummy recipes on her other blog The Aldi Queen.


Lightening said...

*giggle* I have 1 freezer that can tend to get like this, although maybe not that bad. ;)

I keep procrastinating on writing my menu plan at the moment. Think that might be costing me money.... Will get back into it next week when school resumes.

Kez said...

Did you find any eskimos in there??!

We have a fridge/freezer in the pool room - hubby uses the fridge for his homebrew - the freezer bit is almost as bad as that but I can't turn it off to defrost while P has homebrew in the bottom - which is always!

I really need to balance our account :(

Lis said...

Jodie - I don't feel so bad now!
I have done a menu plan, but never got round to posting it - I think once school holidays are over I will be more focused.
Kez - No eskimos -lol- although my DS took great delight in dropping all the pieces on each other and watching them smash! Provided some entertainment for him for about half an hour.

Lis said...

kez - Just go do it, it's not that bad :) I'm sure you'll find like me that you have spent more than you thought, but I blame christmas and the school holidays!