Saturday, 19 January 2008

Three Gifts Challenge

Rhonda @ down to earth started this challenge last week and here is my contribution.
1. Always taking my bags with me to the supermarket (I also carry a small zip up bag in my handbag) - for those who forget their bags - PUT YOUR SHOPPING LIST IN THEM! That way if you get inside the supermarket you will have to go back for the list and the bags too :) If you leave them at home I can't help you with that one :)

2. Trying to buy items with the least amount of packaging, in recyclable packaging or buy in bulk where possible if it has to be in plastic.

3. Making myself some of the net produce bags and putting them with my grocery bags in the boot of my car (Immediately after I have unpacked them)

I'll also be continuing to try and use more public transport to work and riding my bike for errands. i haven't been doing this as much as I would like, but I have been trying to combine multiple errands when I am out and about :)

It's not too late to join up and spread the word - click the link and go join -oh and leave me a comment to let me know you have joined :)


Sandra said...

This is great, I am so bad at remembering to take the bags when I go shopping, I am going to put the list in the bag idea ago.

Lis said...

Well done Sandra, I look forward to seeing waht you decide for you other two "gifts" :)

Lightening said... I read your "put your shopping list in your bags", I thought to myself "then I'd leave them both home"....then I read the rest of your post. Fortunately our supermarket have boxes for when I forget.

Lis said...

Jodie - I also like Rhonda's idea of putting your purse with them :)
Only one of our supermarkets supplies boxes, which I don't shop at very often except for any really good specials, so I really do need to remember mine!