Sunday, 27 January 2008

Shoestring Sunday

Well it is that time of week again, so in keeping with my frugal theme this morning I did my fruit & veg shopping at the Torrens Island Markets.

I spent a grand total of $15.20 and my best buy of the day was a 3kg box of Swiss brown mushrooms for $6 ($2kg, can't go past that).

I also sewed myself some of those net produce bags to transport some of the smaller items.

Some of the fruit and veg was a similar price to my local bulk fruit & veg but other items were cheaper. There were other bargains to be had, but not being in the mood to preserve food I restrained myself from buying one of the cheap boxes of tomatoes on offer.

So what did I end up with:

Apart from the 3kg box of mushrooms, zucchini (courgettes)for $1kg, capsicums (peppers) for $1.99kg, carrots for $0.80kg, a whole red cabbage for $1.50, nectarines $0.99kg, beans for $2.00kg, satsuma plums for $1.99kg, eggplants (aubergines) for $0.99kg.

If you want to shop at the markets, here is my frugal guide to getting a good deal:

- Know your prices at your local shops (are you really getting a bargain?)

- make sure you pick your items carefully (check the bottom of boxes if you are buying a whole box, sometimes the produce at the bottom is rotten)

- take your own shopping bags and a trolley if you have one

- get some friends together and form your own informal food co-op - shop in bulk and save even more (lots of Google links on how to do this!)

- arrive early and talk to the stallholders

-have fun!

Hope you are all having a great long weekend (for those in Oz)!


The Tin House said...

Lis, some of those prices are super-cheap! Great buying. It all looks really glossy and fresh. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Great tips. What will you do with all the mushies?


Ali said...

WOW ~ you got some great bargains!!
I'd love to have mushies on toast!!

Lightening said...

Wow - 2kg of mushrooms would be quite a LOT!!!! :)

You have vegie bags that match my blog!!!! How cool is that!!!! I'm only a teeny bit jealous! ;)

Well done you!!!! :)