Thursday, 23 August 2007

Homemade cleaning products

Thank you to Rhonda for posting the "recipes" for these wonderfully green and inexpensive cleaning products on her blog. I have to admit I was initially disappointed with the laundry "powder" I made up on the weekend. It was a very easy recipe, but obviously my washing machine water is too cold or it doesn't agitate enough to fully dissolve the soap flakes. Or it could be my box of soap flakes is old and a lot harder than they should be...I had to end up re-rinsing my first dark load to remove the soap flakes (No, I didn't use too much in fact I might have even been a bit stingy!) After my initial disappointment I found if I dissolved it first in hot or boiling water and added this to the machine it was fine.
But I am not the only one who washes in my house. So I decided to try making up the laundry liquid recipe instead. Given that I already had the ingredients mixed and in the same ratios I basically just scooped out 2 cups of my powder mix and dissolved it in hot water and brought it to the boil on the stove. Then I followed the rest of the instructions. I now have 10l of homemade laundry liquid ready to launch on my washing. I did the first load last night and it seems to have worked out okay!

I also have stored it in some recycled plastic bottles from milk and cordial. To me it will be more manageable that way. According to Rhonda's calculations it works out to $1.80 roughly for 10l - you can't argue with that price. In my mind the best part is knowing exactly the ingredients as well with no overpowering fragrances.

If you are game give the recipes a might just be surprised!

Take care of you


miss*R said...

a few months ago, I did a workshop with our local council.. four workshops actually.. one was all about green cleaning and we were given alot of notes.. if you are interested, I am can share them with you.

Rhonda Jean said...

Hi Lisa, you're most welcome. Yeah, it depends a bit on your machine which one works best. Pleased to see you're giving them a go. Take care. : )

temizlik urunleri said...

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shandora said...

yep! had the same problems withe the powder...and liquifying it helped a lot. But I did miss the scent of "real" detergent, and I'm ashamed to say that I started using that again....I wish I could find a way of making the laundry smell the same way with the home made stuff....(I tried the essentiel oils, but that's not very strong)

Anita Cruz said...

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