Sunday, 12 August 2007


It has been a few days since I wrote anything here, but rest assured I have been a busy little beaver. I did my menu planning for the next fortnight and it goes something like this:
1. spaghetti bolognaise
2. chicken schnitzel
(these two are my children's favourites so they are part of any fortnightly plan)
3. marinated drumsticks with cous cous
4. corned beef
5. burgers
6. roast pork (dry roasted in slow cooker)
7. salmon
8. beef pies
9.home made pizza
10. hearty beef casserole (from last f/nights menu that we didn't get to make for some reason)
11. green chicken curry
12. soup or toasted s/w

Why you ask are there only 12 dinner items when there are 14 meals to be prepared. Saturday night just gone we had a "scrap and salad" at my friend Mandy's house. 6 hours of scrapbooking with a roast lamb, salad and jacket potato to sustain us for the evening :) Also this coming week is my daughters birthday so we have a family dinner that night, which this year is at her Dad's house. I do have to make a cake appear but i am sure I will manage something :)

My back is recovering nicely, although I still need to get better at all the exercises my physio has given me! I did some house work today and then threw together a batch of muffins from the recipe on Rhonda's blog. I was expecting my best friend, her sister and parents over for afternoon tea so I wanted to have something warm and inviting. They were so good that there are none left! So none to photgraph...sorry....Did I say they were good?


Michelle said...

Hi Lisa, been reading here for a little while, came over from down to earth.
I noticed in your menu list that you are cooking roast pork in the slow cooker and I wondered if you could tell me how you do this and how well it works? I have recently bought one of these cookers and am yet to try a roast in it.
Thanks in advance, Michelle.
P.S. Am enjoying your blog :)

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle and welcome! I will write a post about the "dry roasting" in the slow cooker for you. Thanks for the idea and for visiting.

shandora said...

do you have some corned beef recipes? (I just tried this "stuff" for the first time last week, and loved it, but since overhere, we don't have a habit of cooking with it, I don't have a lot of ideas. I did notice that once cooked, it's not great to eat it after being frozen...)