Saturday, 4 August 2007

Recap of Me time...

I really enjoyed yesterday, but at the same time i am quite tired today. My back is quite stiff and sore so i am thinking that the trekking around the markets and carrying my "bargains" didn't do me any favours.

In some ways I was disappointed in the Central Markets. Some things did appear to be cheaper but not many things that I wanted to buy were. My good buys for the day were - baby bok choy (3 for 80c), bag of beansprouts (70c), bananas (5kg), zucchini ($4.95kg), tomatoes (1.95kg), mushrooms ($5kg). I also went to the organic grocery stand and bought some salad greens $1.99/per 100g) which is comparable to the local non-organic grocers. I also bought 4 fuji apples they were $5.95 kg but look very nice. We shall give them the taste test later on. The only extravagant item I purchased was some home made quince paste which was $2.50, but actually compared tot eh pre-packaged item in the supermarket it was really good value. It will go nicely with the brie I bought last week, with leftover grocery money. It was a reward of sorts for managing to stick to my budget.

I also had a really nice lunch with my best friend Cathy. Only 2 weeks to go now, so one thing I must organise this weekend is a few things in a bag in the car so that when I get the call that she is in labour , I won't necessarily need to come home first. I also need to organise a few non- perishable snacks to go in there, in case we are there for a a long time.

This morning I am feeling stiff and sore and frankly I am over the whole sore back thing. I'd just like to go back to being myself. I'd like to be able to vacuum and sweep and mop my house. I'd like to take my new bike for a ride (I bought it on sale about 3 weeks ago and have ridden it up and down the driveway). I am determined to make sure I do everything the physio says so I can recover quicker.

Today we have soccer at 12.00, which is kind of an annoying time. It means we wait around all morning at home, so don't really achieve much. Then by the time we get home, have a late lunch the afternoon has mostly escaped. Another quiet night at home tonight methinks. My daughter is going fishing at Snowdens Beach with her friends and one of the other parents. Then she is having a sleepover. Tomorrow we are going shopping for her bed.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Take care of you


lightening said...

Where have you found the best source of fruit and veg to be so far? I was a bit disappointed with Central Markets last time we were in Adelaide. I like to grab a few things if I can before we head home. Not that we get to Adelaide all that much (we're on Eyre Peninsula so it's a bit of a trek). But it's helpful to know the "good" spots. I'd wondered about trying the Brickworks as it's a bit more accesible than the city too (DH doesn't really enjoy city driving lol).

Lisa said...

One of my friends has suggested I try the Gepps Cross markets, I believe they are at the drive-in on a Sunday morning. She tells me there are lots of real farmers there and the produce is great. Also the other half of the market is a trash and treasure so the children also have soemthing to look at. Have yet to go there but will certianly blog about it when I do.

Lisa said...

Oh and the Brickwors was a total waste of time last time I went there. Have not heard of anyone going there lately.

lightening said...

Okay - thanks for that. Will perhaps give the Brickworks a miss then. I've seen the signs for the Gepps Cross markets but haven't had a chance to go there yet.