Wednesday, 1 August 2007

How hard really is it to be green?

Tonight I feel I need to stand on my sensible soap box for a few minutes. Today as I was picking up my reusable fabric shopping bag full of shopping I heard something that made me shake my head in wonder. The person behind me in line (who only had a small basket of shopping) was asked by the shop assistant if they would like their large 6 or 8 pack of plastic wrapped toilet paper in a plastic bag. See I don't get it...why do you need to put it in a bag in the first place? It is already in this case wrapped in plastic and I think easier to carry without a bag. After all if your hands are full with a bag each it is great to be able to tuck it under and arm. Even the paper covered recycled toilet paper I never find difficult to carry.
I've noticed a lot of people are generally thoughtless when it comes to things like this. I applaud companies like Bunnings and Ikea who actually charge you a nominal fee if you want your purchases in a bag. I look forward to the day that all companies do this. Unfortunately we may have to wait until 2009 before it becomes legislation, but until then we can all learn to say no.
"It is estimated that it takes the average Australian family four shopping trips to accumulate 60 plastic shopping bags. If everyone accepted one less plastic bag every time they went shopping, the number of bags used would be reduced substantially. " Go read some more about saying no to plastic bags here.

I'll stop now before I get too carried away, but I feel better for having said something.
Thank you for all the thoughts on my recovery. I can safely report I have not vacuumed, mopped or swept anything. Tomorrow morning I am going to catch up with a friend for coffee, before I start work at 1pm. The coffee thing is something I don't do as often as I would like, so I guess I really enjoy it when I do. While I am at the shopping centre I will also look for a doona/quilt for Sarah's soon to be queen size bed, although I will most likely get her a king size as I know I enjoy the extra width when it gets really cold. I also hopefully will spend the money I was given on Mother's Day on a new jacket/cardigan. I am hoping they have my size in the store tomorrow as I ordered it 10 days ago, but they never called to say it had arrived.

Friday will be busy as well but I will post more about my activities tomorrow.

Take care of you.


Kez said...

I'm slowly starting to get into the habit of taking my green bags with me. It's easy to remember at Aldi, but I still struggle at the other shops.

Chickee said...

In Norway they have charged for plastic grocery bags for many years. The bags are more sturdy than the ones you get in the grocery store here, so it is quite common to see them being reused several times before they become rubbish bin bags! I think it is a great idea to charge a little for the bags.


Lisa said...

Welcome Heidi - I will be glad when they eventually start charging for them here in all the stores :)

Kez - I have the habit of putting mine back inthe boot as soon as I unpack them, rarely these days am I caught without them :)