Tuesday, 31 July 2007

There is always a price to pay

It seems after my latest visit to the physio, mowing my lawn was not such a bright idea. Although I have not made my lower back as bad as it was, I have certainly made it regress. I have sworn off mowing, sweeping and vacuuming until I recover sufficiently! I promise :)

On a brighter note my plastic bag system seems to be working well so far and I even found I had money left over....go figure! I'm going to accumulate the extras in a tin for a while and then bank it when it gets to a reasonable amount. Although I do have to get the corvette fixed so will probably spend all my savings on that for the moment :( but at least I feel I can do it so far and will keep you all posted on my ongoing progress.

Anyway off to bed for me with a hot pack and some paracetamol.
Take care of you.

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lightening said...

Oh dear, you poor thing. :-( I hope it recovers quickly.