Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas Countdown Part 2

Here is my new and updated list - I am slowly crossing things off as I add more!

- mow lawn/weeds/dust bowl (done tonight after work - have blisters to prove it!)
- start to clean up back verandah in preparation for Christmas eve dinner here (in progress)
- collapse in a heap/relax (have done this tonight while I am blogging)
- hunt down Christmas present for my parents (in progress - waiting for response from my sister)
- buy ingredients and make beetroot relish (for gift baskets)
- make & bottle home made Irish Cream (for gift baskets)
- make and freeze more biscuit dough (for gift baskets)
- freeze ham bone and make soup after Christmas (doing after I finish this post)
- finalise menu for BBQ this Saturday with Cathy, Zoe and families (finalised today)
- move Christmas tree
- start shopping list for 3 Christmas meals, now menus has been finalised
- make Peanut Butter Cheesecake (and you though the honeycomb one was bad Pam!)
- post recipe for above Cheesecake
- Op shop for some trays/baskets/bowls (for gift baskets)

Okay stopping now - starting to scare myself!
How are your lists going?


Ali said...

you're going so well with your lists ~ perhaps I should be posting mine to make myself more accountable, lol!

Lis said...

Ali - Oh no - my secret is out!When it is on here for all to see I feel I have to do it! So far it is working for me :) Why don't you try it?

Kez said...

Listing it online does make you feel more accountable, doesn't it?!

My list is going slowly!

Lis said...

Kez - Keep it ups, writing lists helps you stay organised :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lis, to you and all your family.