Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas Preparation

How is yours going?

I got the children to decorate the tree this year. I told my workmates that it looks a bit like someone vomited the decorations onto it. this had them all rolling on the floor laughing a lot. Will photograph it when I move it tomorrow.

My to do list looks like this for Sunday (working today, scrapbooking tonight):

- Bake biscuits for Dad's birthday cookie jar (yes, I'll photograph it)
- Help boyfriend move more of his stuff to his new unit
- mow lawn/weeds? (only if I get time)
- go to afternoon tea with my Dad for his birthday
- start to clean up back verandah in preparation for Christmas eve dinner here
- finish sewing my new apron to wear when I do all my Christmas preparation recipes.
- sew mesh bags for fruit and veg (yes, I still have not managed this)
- collapse in a heap.
- hunt down Christmas present for my parents

Maybe some of this will not get done? Do you think I am being a tad ambitious?
What have you got to do this weekend?


Kez said...

We had a busy day yesterday, I'm collapsing in a heap this morning, finishing off the Xmas shopping sans child this afternoon, and then we have another Xmas party tonight.

Anonymous said...

That is one impressive to-to list. Good luck!

Ali said...

How did you go with your list??

I have a habit of writing too many things on my lists....