Monday, 3 December 2007

Time Poor

I can hardly believe it has already been a week since my trip to Melbourne, this time last week I was zipping up my bag and heading off to the airport. The weekend seems to go so quickly when you only have one full day off. Yesterday wasn't very productive, but was just a fun day. I spent a bit of it laying around reading a few of my overdue library items! In the afternoon we rode our bikes to the library to return my overdue items, as well as borrow some new ones. We also went into the local supermarket to pick a few items that I needed for dinner. I haven't menu planned or shopped for the week but I decided to try and use mostly what I had on hand to make dinner. I ended up making Lentil and chickpea burgers, I had frozen pre-cooked chickpea in the freezer and all the other ingredients on hand. At the supermarket I purchased a few mushrooms, an avocado and a bag of capsicums to make up a side salad/dish to have with the burgers. Given the prices of groceries keep going up I am going to try and cook at least one meat free meal per week.
Back to work this morning and I am not taking my car today or tomorrow. Bus to work and then train + a ten minute walk home. Must scoot as I have washing to hang out and need to put together some lunch!
Have a great day :)


Ali said...

welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

Those burgers sound delicious!

rhonda jean said...

I hope your time away was enjoyable, Lis. Don't rush back into it, take some time for yourself, housework is patient. I send hugs.

Lis said...

Ali - Thanks :)
Kate - The burgers are yummy and are even great reheated the next day. Haven't convinced my children to eat them yet!
Rhonda - I will try to remember your wise words - housework is patient. It will still be there tomorrow :)
-hugs- to you all