Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Homemade Irish Cream

Stephanie from Stop the Ride requested this one! Be careful who you give it to as once you start making it at Christmas, people expect it every year. Having said that it makes a great gift! I have a small collection of Grolsch beer bottles (the ones with the swing top lids and a rubber seal). I think they hold about 600ml so they are an excellent size for a gift. Also I tell the recipients that if they don't return the bottles they won't get any next year!

Irish Cream

2 x 400g tins condensed milk
2 x 400g tins evaporated milk
600ml pouring cream
300g milk chocolate
1 tsp coffee granules
700ml bottle of whisky

Melt chocolate in condensed milk, stir in coffee while still warm then allow to cool. Then mix together remaining ingredients, ensuring everything is well mixed. Decant into bottles stirring well in between filling each one. Store in the fridge. Shake before using.

I did try to find conversion charts for all of these, but then I wasn't sure which countries to do them for in the end. All mine are in Australian weights and measures so hope that helps!
Enjoy in Moderation!


Stephanie said...

Thank you thank you! I think I have everything except the whiskey!

I'll have to look up the conversion or could just by the proportions!

I know some people who are going to love this!

Lis said...

Sephanie - You are more than welcome! I hope everyone enjoys it, I have tried other recipes but I always seem to go back to this one :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks so delicious.

How long can you keep it for?


Lis said...

Kate, I have no idea it never seems to last longer than a month in my house!

Lis said...

Although having said that I think my parents had their bottle in their fridge 2-3 months.