Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas countdown - part one

Here's my updated list. I didn't get everything done, but then i didn't expect to. By writing it all down this week though I hope to give you all an insight into the next 8 days, in my lead up to Christmas day.

- Bake biscuits for Dad's birthday cookie jar (yes, I'll photograph it)
- Help boyfriend move more of his stuff to his new unit
- mow lawn/weeds? (only if I get time)
- go to afternoon tea with my Dad for his birthday
- start to clean up back verandah in preparation for Christmas eve dinner here (in progress)
- finish sewing my new apron to wear when I do all my Christmas preparation recipes. (taken off the list as I know I won't get time)
- sew mesh bags for fruit and veg (yes, I still have not managed this) (also deleted till after Christmas)
- collapse in a heap (did this last night while installing my new printer/scanner)
- hunt down Christmas present for my parents (in progress, have two options so far and need to consult with my sister as to her preference - since she is paying half)
New Items
- buy ingredients and make beetroot relish (for gift baskets)
- make & bottle home made "baileys" (for gift baskets)
- make and freeze more biscuit dough (for gift baskets)
- make and freeze pea and ham soup (from ham bone) or freeze ham bone and make after Christmas (suspect I will do the latter)
- finalise menu for BBQ this Saturday with Cathy, Zoe and families.

Okay that should just about do it for the moment I won't add anything else till I can cross a few more things off!
How is everyone else doing???


Ali said...

you're doing well with your list!!
I'm about to write a couple of lists for the week :)

p.s. how do you write those list items on your blog and then type a line through them??

Stephanie said...

Homemade baileys? That sounds interesting. I'm doing some coffee baskets yet, care to share the baileys recipe?

Lis said...

Ali, I've left a comment on your blog on how to do the Html strikouts! Good luck with your list making. i like writing lists but then sometimes lose them - easier this way :)

Stephanie, your wish is granted, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow :)