Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Carbon Cops

I watched the first episode of this new ABC TV series last week, but seems I missed it this week (my TV watching is minimal). Tonight I went surfing to check out the website to see what I had missed.
I stumbled across the Carbon Emissions Calculator so decided to give it a go. According to the website "Australian households generate almost one-fifth of Australia's total carbon emission - an average of 14 tonnes (14,000 KG) per household each year." I thought as a family we weren't doing too badly as I have probably gotten my kids well trained into turning things off when they leave a room (TVs, lights etc) and i was somewhat pleased to see that we are below average in this category. Our calculation showed 8370kg...still a lot I know but I must say just over 40% under the average makes me feel okay about how we are lessening our carbon footprint.
take care of you.

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