Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Just thought I might do a catch up for the last few days. The school holidays started here on Friday. Saturday we had soccer to go to and Sarah went to Jo's to have her hair thinned and her blonde foils redone.

On Sunday we drove into the city (the weather wasn't the best so we didn't want to chance the train).

We visited the Rundle Street Markets for a bit of retail therapy. Then the boys headed off to Toys R us and we went to Target and Diva.

Sarah picked herself up a few pairs of bargain earrings from the clearance rack.

Then we sat and ate our sandwiches (home made) and I splurged on some McDonald's fries for us all to share and a piece of fruit each.We also had our water bottles that we brought from home.

Then it was off to the car park to drive home. (we managed to squeeze it all in under two hours, so our parking in Frome St parking was free).

On the way home we stopped off at the Fisherman's Wharf markets at Port Adelaide. Thomas thought he was in heaven when we showed him the LEGO store. All those little pieces that are forever getting vacuumed up were available by the piece, lots of men and little accessories! Thomas spent all his pocket money on bits and pieces, then spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out all our existing Lego @ home. (with a little help from Sarah & I)!

Yesterday was my trip to Memorial Hospital for Day surgery. Can I just say that all the staff were fantastic! So caring and helpful. Spent lots of time waiting around, but they had comfy couches, TV and magazines plus I met a few other really nice Ladies who were also waiting. We all had matching gowns, dressing gowns and little blue "shoes", but each of the surgeons patients had different little "shower" caps. All of Basil's patients had white with little tigers on them!

Suffice to say I feel a little battered today, like my abdomen has been a punching bag. More drugs and the wheat bag seem to be keeping it at a manageable level.

Take care of you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa hope you are feeling better, let me know if I can do anything for you