Thursday, 12 July 2007

Tangy Lemon Cake - photo

Last night I finally had the energy to use up some of the lemons lying around.I made two loaf style versions of the cake as I hate just using the oven to bake one thing! Most times I make at least two different recipes/ batches of whatever I am baking that day and considering how fast the children consume it, it is just as well I do.

So here's the picture of one of the cakes. This is really moist and very lemony! Enjoy :)

Off to work this morning so we'll see how my stomach muscles hold up...still feeling a bit tender.
Take care of you.


Rhonda Jean said...

I hope you're feeling a bit better today. Can you take it easy on the sofa? Is there someone to bring you tea and lemon cake?

Lisa, this is my cake of the week. I'm making three of them later today, one for our weekly sweet treat and the other two will be frozen for later. Thank you for the recipe.

Warm hugs and take care of you.

Rhonda Jean said...

Over at ALS I said I was having this cake for dessert tonight and was asked for the recipe. I gave a link to here. I hope that's ok. : )

Lisa said...

Thank you for your thoughts and wishes Rhonda and I am glad you love the cake :) I am happy to have others visit my blog :)
Am recovering nicely and have been well looked after :))
take care of you