Sunday, 29 July 2007

Taming the Urban Jungle....

Yes, this is my back "lawn" although I am kind of embarrassed to call it that. There are definitely more weeds than lawn. Today the little red silver corvette (otherwise known as my lawn mower) and I tackled it. That was until I stopped for a drink break and then the corvette decided she didn't want to start :( Seems I shall have to take her in for a service. I noticed as I was cleaning her up that she has a loose blade and I think also the seal is leaking on the little primer nob.
I guess it is fortunate that my budgeting seems to be going well so far! This way I will be able to allow for the repairs in my next fortnights budget.
I have also managed to implement some menu planning, in the past I have normally done this on a weekly basis but i am trying also to rationalise my time when it comes to doing things like shopping. I figure doing it fortnightly will cut down in terms of the total time I spend in the supermarket - including the time I spend waiting in line at the checkout!
My menu for the fortnight looks something like this:
1. Salmon fillets with prawns and vegetables
2. Corned beef
3. beef chow mein
4. swiss steak (crock pot recipe)
5. Impossible Pie
6. Green Chicken Curry
7. Impossible pie
8. rissoles and steak
9. chicken schnitzel
10. spaghetti bolognaise
11. marinate drumsticks with cous cous
12. homemade pizzas
13. chicken & corn soup
14. Hearty Beef Casserole (crockpot)
I haven't assigned days to the menu items which means I can be flexible with what we eat. Next fortnight I will try and assign days to the menu to fit in with our busy schedule.
Next on my list of things to tackle is my daughter's birthday - I still have to organise her present, she would like a queen size bed in her room instead of her bunks. Most of her friends have just the one bed in their rooms now and she wants o be like all her friends (isn't that the way with teenagers?). I think it is a sensible kind of present and is something she can take with her when she gets older and moves out. We decided on queen size as it means we can share some of our manchester. So the hunt is on ...I have about 17 days to sort it all out :)
Of course we are now also into waiting for baby mode, so I am on standby to go to my best friends birth. She is due on 20th August. I am getting excited.
Anyway enough of my blabbering, I'm off to put a hot pack on my back and watch some TV. Not that I am a great watcher of TV but on Sunday night I do like to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.
Take care of you.


Kez said...

Some yummy stuff on your menu plan :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thnks for your comment on my blog. I'll post a lemon meringue pie recipe some time in the next week. Kate from