Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Two posts in one day!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today with a sore back and a sore finger. Both make sitting at the computer and typing hard, but I so love to go read everyones blogs and I am getting better at making comments too! I figure I have lurked long enough and I know from my blog how much I enjoy people coming and reading my recipes and posts :) So I thought I'd say thank you to everyone who has visited so far and I hope you'll come back sometimes and check out my new recipes as I post them!

Off to have a warm shower and an early night.
Take care of you.


lightening said...

Hi Lisa,
Not sure if I've left a comment before on your blog or not but I drop by fairly regularly so thought I'd say hi in case I haven't. :-)

Can't wait to check out the Lego shop you mentioned at the markets - just need to be in Adelaide on the right day to do so.

Lisa said...

Nice to meet you Jodi, hope you stop by again. The Fishermans' Wharf Markets are only open Sunday's and public holidays.