Monday, 23 July 2007


Saturday was a beautiful sunny day here in Adelaide. Sunday was not as nice though, but as we had already planned to go to the Torrens Island Produce Markets, we just made sure we were dressed warmly.

Being my frugal self I had a list in my head of which fruit and veggies I ideally wanted, but first we went for a wander looking at prices. There wasn't a zucchini to be seen (they are currently over $10kg here ) and the only beans I saw were $8kg, which is similar to everywhere else. I ended up spending $19.30.
For my money I got
3kg of swiss brown mushrooms (locally grown in Adelaide) $6
1 large rockmellon (nice and sweet) $2
1 large cabbage $2.50
2 red capsicums
2 yellow capsicums
6 unwaxed red delicious apples (there were 99c/kg)
6 overripe bananas (to make a couple of cakes)
6 nice bananas for eating
1kg bag carrots

Apart from the carrots which were pre-packaged in a plastic bag and the mushrooms which were in a box, I managed to just carry everything on my hands to be weighed and paid, then slipped it into our bags.
The children enjoyed the experience and had fun helping me look for bargains.

I ended up spending less than I would have at my local fruit and veg shop and so was happy to share with my parents and my friend Mandy. I gave them each 1/4 cabbage, 1/4 rockmellon (the children ate the other half for afternoon tea) and 1/2 kg mushrooms. So I still have 2kg of mushrooms to work with. Will take another 1/2kg to give to my other friend Jo and the rest I am already using in various recipes.

After the produce markets we went to the Fisherman's Wharf markets @ Port Adelaide. My son is kind of obsessed with the "lego" shop there . The stall has a selection of new and mostly second hand parts and boards. Thomas is loving it and is finding a new way to spend pocket money.

Today Sarah has a pupil free day so after some housework and a physio appointment we are off to buy her some new runners for school etc. Her best friend Jess is also going to hang out with us too.
Take care of you.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good outing on Sunday and another enjoyable one today. I love our local farmers market, it's my favourite outing. We went on Saturday morning, I love to sit and have a cuppa after I've finished buying and just watch all the people. Although I don't know many of them, lots are beginning to look familiar, must mean I'm becoming a regular LOL

Lenny from ALS

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, just stopped by after your comment on my blog last night. Thanks for visiting. I'll be back to read more.

Lisa said...

Lenny - sounds like a great market - wish they served coffee and such at ours. I am hoping to go to another farmers markets next weekend.

Kate - thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Found your blog through someone elses who I am not sure of now! Amazing where the net takes us! I too live in Adelaide and have boys and a hubby addicted to lego. Have you been to the Lego Museum up in Tanunda? It costs only a few dollars entry and it was formed by an old guy who is obsessed and famius for lego all over the world. Allow yourself time and you will be amazed. A cheap day out!


Lisa said...

Thanks Lynette for visiting and for the tip on the museum I think I recall seeing something about it on postcards or one of the SA travel shows. I think it could be worth us visiting next school holidays :)